Hamdaan Hassan (born 9th July, 1995) Known professionally as Hustler Bhai, Is a Sri Lankan Rapper, Songwriter, Video director, actor, entrepreneur. He is been one of the most influential rapper in Sri Lanka all the time, rapping from Two different Languages(Tamil/Sinhalese) and who has done one of the biggest worldwide Cypher featuring 22 artists from 8 different countries in 10 languages which is called “A23 Worldwide Cypher”. And he has inspired lot of new talented artist with a helping hand. Also the founder and the owner of Media Squad Productions.


Hustler is one of the old boys of Kingswood collage in Kandy, but studying wasn’t the plus point neither he was a favorite student of teachers. He had his mind for lot of activities in the school but his family wasn’t financially stabled. He got through Ordinarily level but his mind was not concentrating on studies, in his mind he wanted to get-out, he wanted to see the world, he wanted to win people, he wanted to earn trust, gain love most of all he wanted to be the artist who known by everyone. The poor people inspired him, he was been there he knew the pain; we wanted to be his own power so he became the pillar of his life not leaned to anyone. He knew he is gonna fall but he knew every time he falls he will put every strength to push him back up. He was ok to fall, he knew no one has ever came up without falling, so he started his music Life, to win people to win hearts.


Born as the first child of Hassan and Farzana, he brought lot of smiles and adventures to the family. Raised in city once the kings ruled named Kandy, where he never forgets to mention “Hill City” in each productions of media Squad which made him proud, all those mountains and cold weather inspired his childhood and helped him to see the beauty of life. He was not kid who is been served form a gold spoon, he brought up in a clay house along his brother and his sister in middle of major difficulties. But his father and mother shed sweat to give them comfortable life. He had lot responsibilities from youngest age. Empty pockets and hungry stomachs taught him the biggest lessons of life, but as a kid he had his own dreams to achieve and he knew he is not going to give up.


Hamdaan Hassan, how did he became Hustler Bhai? Here it takes you to a part you never knew about him, he was a big fan of wrestling and John Cena and his motto Hustle. Respect and Loyalty which gave birth to young Hustler (the first stage name) but eventually when he rebranded as Hustler Bhai, he knew no stopping for his music, and he hustle his life all the way up to be who he is today from scratch to a top finish of Hustler Bhai and he owns it among the world of music.


Going deep in Hustlers Music, how he began, who was behind screen? it take us back to strong route of professionals in music industry, sure Hustler had music in his genes and his mind and heart set on it but he needed a motivator, to bring him to that first step, someone who believed in him, that’s where Hustler meet Harsha Fernando (Known as black Hunter) who brought him to the industry (Year 2015), as well as Mr. Amila Wickramasingha (Jaya Records) who mastered his first Mix tape recordings (Year 2015). Long way to his music dreams Hustler came up with his first single “Sallalayo” produced by Ayeshmantha (Month Beats) and every combination the pair made was a successful record(Year 2016) . And Hustler was been pushed up in the industry so well and he got a chance to show off his talents in different genres, young crowed was inspired by his music. And also he comes up with Aki Vish and Nishal Janith Silva (Gloomy Beats) who also was great producers, and together they made some indisputable work of music (Year 2017 -2018). And day by day he was standing strong and growing in music trade. In year 2019, His new set up to do magic with Azim Osman (Young Melody Records), the producer who he was been waiting to work with, when they made music together the outcome was a more greater achieve. As well as Hustlers ambition is to work with new producers, with new ideas to make great music…


Talking about the Countries and the Languages involved in Hustlers music is overwhelming, it’s more than a young artist will ever come up with, yet he has done it. 10 Languages (English, Sinhala, Tamil, French, German, Hindi, Dhivehi, Nepali, Malay, Arabic), 10 Counties (Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, France, Germany, Syria, UAE, Maldives, Malaysia, Jamaica) and 33 Artist all around the world has played a part in his music. This is a greater achievement and clear path for ambitious artist like Hustler.

Talking about the future plans, Hustler left is as mystery, but we see lot coming in his cart and around the world his fans are waiting for it, As a young guy who came to filed through difficulties he stands on a soiled ground. Hustler is improving day by day, loved by his fans and criticized by few but he knows where to keep is foot on the right time. He is chased his dreams as a boy it’s time to collect that price for the guy who didn’t give up…. More to come from Hustler in the future.


Hustlers videos are made viral, Modified Bikes and classic cars stole his heart , he made his entrance to the filed step by step, he worked so hard by himself to build his name. he is the one man show behind his success and he wanted the talented generation to show off in his videos, He gave young crowed a chance to fulfill their dreams because he knew what he missed on his way up. Tuk tuks to bikes, cars to helicopters, cool guys and gangster styles, slams to sky-high places colored his videos tremendously. His humbleness took him to peoples heart, his simple life style made his way clear. Today he is the Hustler Bhai who is aiming to conquer the world with his music.


He is a Rapper with Unique style. He owns a gangster voice which gives you chills , his style was different, most importantly he was never been caged to a one style of music, neither he was never afraid of making new genres like Hip hop, RnB, Metal Rap, ect.. His music is blend of a traditional and international music seasoned with right instruments. Every step is a new step for Hustler in his life of music and he achieved it been extraordinary.